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About This Course

Teaching with Technology, from a technophobe to a technophile.

Are you teaching online, or want to use technology and apps in your classes? Then this course is the one for you. By taking this course, you will learn how to incorporate technology and apps into your classes.

The eight sections of the course cover all what teachers need to use technology such as teaching with Zoom, managing your class, activities, and tools to engage your learners and provide practice. The course covers some simple things that new teachers might appreciate such as converting file types, taking screenshots, and sharing files. It also provides things for more experienced teachers such as screencasting, using multiple screens for teaching, and activities to use in your classes.

This course is suitable for all teachers, however, some of the activities are suggested for English language teachers which all can be applicable when teaching other languages. Most of the activities can be adapted to other disciplines.

The course currently has 69 lessons. I will be updating the course and adding more lessons when I discover tools and apps that are useful for teachers. It might be worth mentioning that the price of the course will increase as I add more lessons. So, it is best to get it now while the price is still low.

When you complete the course, you will get a verified certificate. The certificate has a unique link online and can be shared with employers and social media to show off your skills.

Learning Objectives

Learn how to use technology in online and f2f classes
Learn how to teach with Zoom
Use tools to help you get things done
Use tools to help you plan lessons
Use tools for practice and learner engagement
Activities to use in your classroom

Target Audience

  • Teachers teaching online
  • Teachers teaching f2f and want to use technology
  • Teachers who want learn (more) about using technology


69 Lessons6h 46m 14s


Course Intro1:05

Getting Things Done

This section provides tutorials on tools to make things easier for you when dealing/teaching with technology

Managing Your Setup

By completing this section, you will learn how to manage your teaching setup

Teaching with Zoom

All you need to know to teach a class with Zoom

Tools for You

Some tools for you to use when teaching with technology

Managing Your Class

Tools to help you plan and get ready for your classes

Tools for Learners Practice and Engagement

This section is all about tools that you can use in your lessons to engage learners and provide practice


Uses these engaging activities and ideas to provide practice and boost your learners' participation

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