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About This Course

Whether you are new to teaching, or a teacher with experience, CELTA is a course that requires preparation ahead to pass and get the most out of. This preparation course with me, Ahmad Zaytoun an Official CELTA Trainer, will ensure that you know everything you need before your CELTA starts.

Why this course? because you will be learning from a CELTA tutor who has the same experience, and knowledge about CELTA as the tutors who will be training you on your CELTA course.

By the end of this course, you will not only be informed about CELTA, but you will also have the knowledge of planning lessons, writing assignments, and techniques for teaching your assessed lessons. The course spares no detail when it comes to what CELTA involves.

The carefully planned eight sections of this course address everything a CELTA candidate needs to know to be ready for CELTA.

Learning Objectives

Explanation of the assessment criteria (get to know what we, tutors, look for when assessing a CELTA trainee)
Tips to get you through CELTA
What to read before and while doing CELTA
Classroom management techniques to have control over your class
Samples from Pass A trainees to write assignments that pass
Analyzing language for lessons and assignments
Lesson planning, lesson frameworks, and writing a self-evaluation form to make sure that your plan meets the standards
Downloadable lesson plans templates with comments on how to complete them
Teaching language skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing)
Teaching language systems (grammar, vocabulary),
Demo lessons for language systems (external videos) to have a better idea of teaching
Writing the 4 assignments, and examining samples
Quizzes and questions to check your progress and understanding of the course

Material Includes

  • Verified Certificate
  • 14 Downloadable Resources
  • 53 lessons
  • 13 Quizzes


  • Good level of English (B2 Level)
  • A notebook or a document on your PC to take notes

Target Audience

  • Candidates who are planning to take CELTA,
  • Candidates who are taking CELTA,
  • Teachers who would like to improve their teaching and planning skills,
  • CELTA holders who would like to revise what they learned.


53 Lessons7h 16m


Introduction to the CELTA Course
Course Intro00:10:01Preview
CELTA Intro00:4:09
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)00:7:06
Pre-interview Task00:3:14
Pre-course Task00:2:04
Fully-online CELTA00:1:28
CELTA Timetable & Timeline00:3:31
What to Read00:2:37
Tips for Your CELTA Course00:6:07
Tools and References to Help You00:3:01
Where to Take CELTA00:1:41
End of Unit Quiz

CELTA Assessment and Components

Get to know how you will be assessed and what you need to do

Teaching Techniques

Learn techniques that will help you in your CELTA course

Language Analysis

Language Analysis is an important part of CELTA. Learn all about it here.

Lesson Planning

Learn all about writing solid lesson plans

Teaching Systems & Skills

Learn how to teach speaking, writing, reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary lessons

CELTA Written Assignemtns

Learn all about the 4 written assignments

Course Conclusion

Your Instructors

Ahmad Zaytoun

CELTA Tutor / Teacher Trainer

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Material Includes

  • Verified Certificate
  • 14 Downloadable Resources
  • 53 lessons
  • 13 Quizzes