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About Course

By taking this course you will learn all about lesson planning. The course is perfect for any teacher as well as candidates who want to take CELTA. You will also get to practice writing 2 lesson plans and get personalized feedback on them from me, an experienced CELTA Tutor and Teacher Trainer. You will also get a 30-minute live one-to-one Zoom meeting to discuss the plans and any questions you may have.

The materials for writing the plans are pre-selected.

By the end of the course, you will be able to write any type of lesson plan and be ready to write your own plan for your work or CELTA course. A list of the outcomes:

  1. Writing main aims, subsidiary aims, and personal aims.
  2. The difference between lesson frameworks
  3. How to stage your lesson
  4. how to write the cover page of a lesson plan
  5. How to write the procedure form of a lesson plan
  6. Types of activities
  7. Lesson plan templates to guide you when writing any lesson
  8. Personalized feedback on 2 plans (materials are pre-selected)

A few of the lessons in this course are included in my other course, CELTA Preparation. What is not included in that one:

  1. The personalized feedback you will get on 2 lesson plans,
  2. Planning the reading lesson,
  3. Planning the grammar lesson.

The materials for writing the plans are pre-selected. I will give you enough guidance to get you started, but not too much so you can practice writing them and be ready to write lesson plans for your work/CELTA.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to write lesson plans
  • Get personalized feedback from a CELTA Tutor
  • Get feedback on a plan with a focus on reading skills
  • Get feedback on a plan with a focus on grammar
  • How to write lesson aims
  • Staging your lesson

Material Includes

  • Verified Certificate
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Lesson Plan Templates


  • Good level of English (B2 Level)


  • CELTA Candidates
  • Teachers who would like to learn how to write lesson plans

Course Content


Lesson Planning

Lesson Frameworks

Teaching Reading and Grammar

Planning and the Tasks


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