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CELTA Lesson Planning

16 Lessons
2.1 hours
All Levels

By taking this course you will learn all about lesson …

What you'll learn
Learn how to write lesson plans
Get personalized feedback from a CELTA Tutor
Get feedback on a plan with a focus on reading skills
Get feedback on a plan with a focus on grammar
How to write lesson aims
Staging your lesson

Teaching with Technology

70 Lessons
6.8 hours
All Levels

Teaching with Technology, from a technophobe to a technophile. Are …

What you'll learn
Learn how to use technology in online and f2f classes
Learn how to teach with Zoom
Use tools to help you get things done
Use tools to help you plan lessons
Use tools for practice and learner engagement
Activities to use in your classroom

CELTA Prep Course

53 Lessons
7.3 hours
All Levels

Whether you are new to teaching, or a teacher with …

What you'll learn
Explanation of the assessment criteria (get to know what we, tutors, look for when assessing a CELTA trainee)
Tips to get you through CELTA
What to read before and while doing CELTA
Classroom management techniques to have control over your class
Samples from Pass A trainees to write assignments that pass
Analyzing language for lessons and assignments
Lesson planning, lesson frameworks, and writing a self-evaluation form to make sure that your plan meets the standards
Downloadable lesson plans templates with comments on how to complete them
Teaching language skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing)
Teaching language systems (grammar, vocabulary),
Demo lessons for language systems (external videos) to have a better idea of teaching
Writing the 4 assignments, and examining samples
Quizzes and questions to check your progress and understanding of the course