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Do you want to make your classroom more communicative, and engaging, and give your students a chance to produce more language without having to prepare too much? Then this course is for you!

I am an experienced CELTA Tutor, Teacher Trainer, and English Teacher, and I created this course after observing 1500+ lessons. The idea and focus of this course are to make your TESOL or TEFL classroom more engaging and communicative without having to use so many different activities.

All the activities included require little preparation and can be easily recycled. They are also not limited to a specific grammatical structure or vocabulary set. They can be applied with many structures and sets.

Each lesson consists of the following sections to guide you on how to use the activity in your class:

  1. Introduction to the activity
  2. Stages of the activity
  3. Skills promoted by the activity
  4. Advantages of the activity
  5. Considerations when using the activity
  6. Instructions to give to your students
  7. An invitation to think about the skills and advantages of each activity

Some lessons also include some of the following:

  • How to create your own activity
  • More examples
  • More ideas to use the activity
  • Suggestions related to the activity

I have created a course workbook for you to take notes so you can maximize your learning experience and use your notes, so you don’t have to search inside the lessons later if you don’t remember something about any activity.

You also get a verified certificate upon completing this course. Click here to see an example

Get this course now and make use of the ideas and activities to transform your classroom and keep your students engaged and communicating!

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Material Includes

  • Videos
  • Workbook
  • Verified Certificate

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  • Why Communicative Activities are Important
  • Maximize Your Learning with the Course Workbook
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Engaging Activities for TESOL/TEFL Classroom


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